Useful no-code tools, new JavaScript features in 2020

I know it’s late to say Happy new year. But this is the first issue of 2021. So, Happy new year.

A list of useful no-code tools: no-code tools can help you set up a website in just 5 minutes, build internal admin panels without code, generate banners, and more.

3 JavaScript Features From 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier: In the first issue of 2021, why don’t we review ES2020’s new features? I have used optional chaining and nullish coalescing in development but don’t know about string.matchAll(). I will give it a try this year.

Normalize path with Node: Normalize path means that the '..' and '.' segments are resolved and path segment separation characters like / and \ are replaced with the platform-specific path segment separator.

Set required Node version for your application: When you set the required Node version, npm will require that version is running on your machine

Get operating system's default directory for temporary files with Node: Temporary files are useful when you process files but don't want to save them permanently. You may just use them to save the data of your application's session.

5 JavaScript "tips" that might bite you back: Some Javascript tips are useful but it doesn’t mean they don’t cause any issue

Do you judge your own body?: If you are doing that, you should try the “new hotness” game

Haven’t made it to the gym yet? Try snacking on exercise instead: You don’t need an hour to work out every day. Instead, you can snack on exercise and create a healthy lifestyle

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