State of JS 2020 survey

In the last issue, I mentioned the State of CSS 2020 survey result. This week, the State of JS 2020 is back. I also completed the survey.

caret-color CSS property: Caret is a cursor in the inputtextarea elements. It shows where the next typed character will be inserted. You can set different colors for the caret even transparent value.

Uninitialize git repository: I sometimes initialize new repo and work in the wrong folder. It’s usually the parent folder of the repo I am going to work on. This is annoying because sometimes it includes the changes of other repo.

Get all supported HTTP methods with Nodejs: I am exploring NodeJS modules. It turns out that you can get all HTTP methods that are supported by NodeJS http module.

How to handle request validation in your Express API: Simon Plenderleith calls himself “a big fan of JSON Schema”. In this tutorial, he shares how to use it to validate the request in your Express based applications

Command injection: how it works, what are the risks, and how to prevent it: Command injection attacks could lead to privilege escalation of the process or to spawn a remote reverse shell that allows complete interaction by a malicious party

Understand JavaScript Reduce With 5 Examples: reduce method is useful for summing an array of numbers or merging the objects. In this tutorial, you will see it can do more Promise chaining

Sorry to bother you, but do you say “sorry” too much? What to say instead: If you think you are saying “sorry” too much, you can say “thank you” instead. It is the easiest response to everything

Here’s why you need to have more bad ideas: Bad ideas don’t mean always being bad and not worth executing. Every idea is worth executing once

Create Q&A application with Nuxtjs & Staticman #3 - Handle error: I have some problems while trying to fetch the Markdown data in asyncData hook

5 Things I Learned by Asking Developers One Question: Shaundai Person built the skills needed to transition from the career in sales into UI engineering. In this post, she shares strategies she used to make herself stand out

Six Principles Your Resume Should Follow - So Recruiters Will Read It: Gergely Orosz share principles you can use to maximize your chances of recruiters and hiring managers reading your CV

The Anatomy of package.json: A brief introduction of package.json by Laurie

The Import On Interaction Pattern: Different examples of how to lazy-load non-critical resources when a user interacts with UI requiring it

7 Pieces of Advice to be a Successful Software Engineer: Simon Holdorf writes down seven pieces of advice that he found to be very important for his career