State of JS 2020 result is out

State of JS 2020 result: This year’s result is interesting. I also took part in the survey

My website produces only 0.14g of CO2: A website calculates the amount of CO2 your website produces. It also shows how your website impacts our planet.

GitHub is fully available in Iran: A great news to Iranian developers

Resolve path with Node: A resolved path is an absolute path. To resolve a path with Node, you use resolve() method of the path module.

Create a symbolic link with Node: I had an issue while trying to run a project using symlink() on Windows. I learned it and create this tutorial to explain how it works

Run Node.js commands concurrently: If you are developing an application, you may be running commands using operators like this "npm run develop && npm run start" or in separate terminals. This is normal but when you have more commands to run than these, it is really cumbersome.

Create Free APIs with NuxtJS #6 - Deploy: The last video of this series. This is the result

I misunderstand the caution: A funny moment from my recent live stream

Hypercolor: A curated collection of beautiful gradients using default colors from the Tailwind palette

The 7 types of rest that every person needs: “Sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two.”. These 7 types of rest are important to take care of to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

How to move on after failure — and rebuild your confidence: Failure happens to anyone but it is an important step towards achieving progress

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