Middle Class of the Creator Economy

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Building the Middle Class of the Creator Economy: The middle class is huge but only big upper-income creators get to keep a larger portion of earnings

Don’t have a single purpose or passion? That’s OK: If you don’t know what is your purpose or passion, it is okay. You can commit yourself to bring purpose and passion into each conversation, workspace, and home space you are a part of

Custom list style with emoji: You can make the list item look more colorful and beautiful with emoji

CSS Frosted glass credit card: Chris Bongers shares a cool tutorial to create a frosted glass effect with backdrop-filter CSS property

What I learned from failing my technical interviews: Failing technical interviews is not a comfortable feeling. But they will give you lessons to help you improve in the next interviews

The top 7 COVID-19 vaccine questions, answered: Two vaccines have applied for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval in the US and other countries also administered to use vaccines. They are our only hope to fight against the COVID pandemic

Feeling lonely this holiday season? You can still make it special — some practical advice: Due to the pandemic and lockdown restriction this year, you may not enjoy the holiday with your family or friends. But you can still make it special with these pieces of advice

Create Free APIs with NuxtJS #1 - Search form: The first video of the new series of creating an application with NuxtJS

Create gradient text: You can create text with a single color or combine multiple colors to create gradient text with CSS

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