2020 JavaScript Rising Stars

2020 JavaScript Rising Stars: Last week, we had State of JS 2020 result. This week, we will look at the fastest growing JavaScript tools and projects over the past year based on GitHub stars

The problem with autocomplete and how to fix it: Autocomplete is a useful tool helping users search things faster. But it comes with an issue for the screen reader software’s users

Why Tailwind Isn't for Me: Tailwind is one of the most popular projects in 2020 but it was not built for Jared White

Securing Your GitHub Project: A checklist that will equip you well to handle increased expectations your users will have of the security of your code

Comprehensive language-agnostic guidelines on variables naming

I share some thought about UNICORN STARTUP:

Why parents should stop blaming themselves for how their kids turn out: I am not a parent yet but why not learn it for the future

Feeling anxious? The way you breathe could be adding to it: I am practicing breathing for 10 ten minutes every morning

How to set clear work boundaries — and stick to them: Due to the COVID pandemic, we have to work from home. It’s hard to have clear boundaries between our personal life and the work