About me

Hi, I am Phong Duong. I am a developer. I like learning and creating new things. I want to share my knowledge.

About Koogio newsletter

I believe that learning and creating are parallel processes. While you are learning, you will have new ideas to create. While you are creating, you will learn new things from what you are creating. The more you learn, the more you create and vice versa.

As a part of my learning process, I have the idea of sharing what I learned in the week with you. I share useful content I consumed and created. That’s why I create the Koogio newsletter.

Stay up-to-date

I consume a lot of content every week. It includes blog posts, news, and videos. I find some content that is really useful to me so I want to share them with you. I curate links and publish an issue every Saturday. Links in my issues are a variety of topics. It could about programming tutorials, career advice, and self-development.

Keep in touch

If you have something useful and want to share, you can reach out to me. I want to learn from you.

You can find me at

Email: phongduong1710@gmail.com

Twitter: @phongduonglh

Facebook: @phongduonglh

My website phongduong.dev

LinkedIn: Phong Duong